Electromagnetic Sensitivity May Be Causing Your Headaches


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Electromagnetic frequency–EMF–is something you experience everyday. You are just not aware you do. When you check your email on your cell phone in the morning; microwave breakfast; use your navigational device, and get on your computer for six plus hours at work, you are exposed to EMF. There are some groups that worry about EMF dangers.

These groups try to use microwave shielding to protect themselves. Microwave shielding uses technology very similar to that found as protection in your microwave oven. Some companies provide EMF protection jewelry. There are apparently levels of protection, from the very young and those sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, or electromagnetic hypersensitivity, EHS, who are seen as needing a higher level of protection.

According to the World Health Organization, or WHO, “EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure”. However, some studies claim that the accepted level of radiation for the public is actually much too high, and damaging to one’s health. Groups supportive of EHS believe the government needs to come up with new standards based on scientific observation EMF biological effects.

Increased headaches and fatigue were observed in children ages eight to 12 in a 2010 study of the effects of even limited EMF exposure. This might suggest children are prone to electromagnetic sensitivity. When using a microwave, the radiation breaks down the cells at a billion times the level of more traditional heating methods. This increased efficiency is what worries some groups.

There is not enough scientific evidence currently to provide a strong link between any childhood illnesses or headaches and fatigue in adults. Though for those people who believe there is a correlation, there are companies out there that can provide further education on the topic.

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