How Are Custom Adhesive Products Used in Medicine?


An Adhesive is a product used to attach or stick things firmly together. They exist in two categories, Structural and Non-structural. Structural adhesives are commonly known for their bonding functions. Bondable substrates include Plastic, glass and metal, including UV-inhibited intuitive plastics as described in the video.

Adhesives such as Epoxy, Cyanoacrylate and urethanes are mainly used to bond surgical appliances such as needles, surgical instruments, walking clutches, IV tubes, and the manufacture of plastic pharmaceutical bottles. UV adhesives enhance easier joining of difficult bio materials such as COC and COP.

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In these tests, adhesive tapes are used. The tests include a pregnancy test, a blood sugar test. They are mostly used by consumers at home.

Healthcare facilities mostly use Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for wound protection. They are found in acrylic or silicone form. They are strong compared to structural adhesives and therefore can be used in joining difficult surfaces. They are also used in repairing tissues, especially after a major or minor surgery.

Overall, custom adhesive products are a major contributor to a healthy quality of life. Hence, it is very important for manufacturers and consumers to adhere to quality control and biocompatibility standards of the product. Most importantly, one needs to consult qualified medical personnel for any guidance while using any adhesives.


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