Does Low T Give Me Poor Sleep?


How decreased muscle and strength can affect your

Are you suffering from poor sleep? Do you routinely feel tired and stressed out, or suffer from anxiety and depression? Is your weight slowly rising? All these problems can stem from a condition which affects men, usually between the ages of 40 and 60 called low T. Research indicates that about 13 million American men might be afflicted with low T, among which 90% usually go without treatment. In most cases, this happens due to lack of insurance coverage.

Some insurance companies, however, do cover low T and related symptoms. Many doctors and clinics that offer treatment for these symptoms also accept insurance and offer versatile payment options. Overall, it is quite easy getting treated for low T. You can lead a better quality of life overall, and get to stay free from some of the more serious long-term consequences of low T.

The Realities of Low T

Statistics show that one out of every four men above the age of 30 is likely to be affected with low T in the U.S. The standard symptoms associated with this condition are usually poor sleep, fatigue, depression, lethargy, reduction in muscle mass and increase in fat. The causative factors can be varied- ranging from inactive lifestyles to genetic defects. The decreased muscle mass can cause decreased strength and hamper your functionality. The lack of energy can also cause lack of focus and harm your concentration.

What is worse, low T can also work towards shortening your life expectancy. Research shows the two to be linked, and it is important to get low testosterone treated immediately to stop being vulnerable.

Getting Treatment

The good news is, low T can be easily treated. Diagnosis can be easily carried out through certain lab tests, and treatment consists mainly of supplements and oral medication. In serious cases, getting supplements through the form of injections can also prove to be beneficial. With many clinics specializing in this kind of treatment and also accepting health insurance, you can very easily restore your health to normal by undergoing just a short, easy treatment session. You are sure to feel the palpable good effects once your testosterone levels are restored to their normal amount.

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