Notice Poor Sleep? You Might Have Low Testosterone


How do i achieve the low testosterone total transf

Men who suffer from low testosterone levels (commonly shortened to “low testosterone” or “low T”) face a serious list of symptoms that only get worse if left untreated. Increased body weight, decreased muscle mass, chronic fatigue, lack of focus, poor sleep, and depression are just some of the symptoms men with the disease develop. There’s even evidence that suggests low T reduces life expectancy.

You would think that low T is something men make a point to notice but the fact is only 10% of American men seek treatment for the disease. Not only is this due to the lack of information about the disease, it’s due to the fact that many men mistake the symptoms of low T as mere signs of aging. Men’s testosterone levels naturally decrease around the age of 30 1 to 2% every year. Still, there’s a difference between natural decreases in testosterone and the dangerous decreases testosterone deficiency brings.

For men with the disease, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is an effective treatment that is known for producing palpable results in a matter of weeks. The treatment involves giving testosterone to patients in order to restore balance to their hormone levels. The testosterone is administered by a number of ways — injections, creams, oral medication, etc. — but the end result is always the same. Men who undergo this treatment can gain back their strength and return to a life or normalcy. They can move freely, exercise, and do the things that they had difficulty with when their testosterone levels were down.

Men with low T should not brush off the disease as a sign of old age. It’s a sign of serious trouble dead ahead. There’s no easy way out of low T but with testosterone replacement therapy, your testosterone levels will return to normal in no time.

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