How to Use Diabetic Test Strips


This guide shows you how to use a blood sugar meter. It’s a tool used by people with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels. You need a lancing device (used to prick your finger for a blood sample) and test strips. Also, obtain a meter to read the test strips, a sharps container, and a cotton swab.

Wash your hands with warm water and soap before using a lancing device. Use a new lancet every time you use the device to avoid dull needles and possible infection.

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Prick the side of your finger, not the pad, for less pain. Gently squeeze the sides of your finger after pricking to get a drop of blood. Wipe away the first drop and use the second drop for testing.

Use test strips once and put them in a sharps container. It’s important to use one blood glucose meter at a time to track trends in your blood sugar levels. There’s also a control solution – a fluid to ensure the meter works properly. Test your meter with a control solution whenever you open a new box of test strips. Do the same if you think your meter might not be working correctly.

Don’t forget a monitoring diary to jot down your readings. That’s important whenever you use cash for test strips. Once you have all your tools, it’s time for the main event: getting that blood sample and seeing what your glucose level is. Watch this video to see how to do it step by step.


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