Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate To Try An Urgent Care Clinic


Pediatric walk in clinic

In the 1970s, the American urgent care movement began, and ever since then has grown vastly around the world … and with good reason. Many Americans are unaware of the advantages of an urgent care medical center in comparison to a traditional doctor’s office or emergency room. In fact, some even see a stigma surrounding urgent care; but before you make any decisions or judgments, you should educate yourself about urgent care clinics.

What Is An Urgent Care Medical Center?

An urgent care or immediate care center is a medical center that offers cheaper, faster care from a reputable healthcare provider. The big difference between urgent care and traditional medical care is often seen in the time. A survey by the Urgent Care Association of America indicates that 57% of urgent care patients wait less than fifteen minutes to be seen, and 80% of all visits last 60 minutes or less.

Is Urgent Care Trustworthy?

Urgent care centers are extremely trustworthy and are run by professionals who know what they’re doing. Two thirds of urgent care centers have a mixture of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants under employ, while 65% keep at least one physician on site at all times. Furthermore, urgent care is usually meant for situations not serious enough to be taken care of by emergency rooms, and if you’re too sick or injured for the center to treat you, staff will help you seek more advanced medical care.

What Is Offered By Urgent Care Centers?

An urgent care clinic can treat everything from a cold to the flu, and they can also provide pediatric care and treatment for certain broken bones. Oftentimes, they are sought out for cheap, anonymous STD testing. Urgent care centers are perfect for walk … in patients who need care as quickly as possible, with limited time for treatment.

What Are The Advantages Of Urgent Care Facilities?

The short waiting periods aside, a great benefit of urgent care clinics is their cheapness. The average emergency room visit costs $1,500 while the average urgent care visit costs less than $150! A lot of urgent care patients also appreciate the anonymity provided, and the lack of judgment involved. It’s also simply more convenient; if you cut yourself and need stitches but are on a crunched timeline, you can simply walk into an urgent care clinic and have the problem solved.

As you can see, urgent care is a viable and valuable option for those who need medical attention for minor to moderate issues now. There are virtually no drawbacks to seeking help at an urgent care center. Even if you just need quick tests run, you’ll come away knowing you’ve been well … cared for.

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