Three Types of Spa Treatments You May Not Have Known About Before


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Not everyone takes the time to pamper themselves on a regular basis, but taking a little bit of time out of one’s schedule to head to a luxury spa can actually do a lot of good. However, most people don’t even know the types of spa treatments that are available to them or what they entail exactly.

If you’re curious about the different types of spa treatments you can get, whether through the membership services at local health and fitness clubs or at a nearby spa, here’s a brief rundown of three of the most popular treatments:


Sure, everyone’s heard a massage, but not everyone has had them. However, there is a growing amount of evidence that suggests that massage is worthwhile — and maybe even necessary — for many people. One study between July 2013 and Jul 2014 found that 32.6 million American adults had a massage at least once during that period. Fifty-four percent had it for medical or health reasons, like pain management or injury rehabilitation; 23% had a massage to help relax or reduce stress. Massages can vary from gentle to more intense depending on the needs of the customer.

Steam Baths and Saunas

Think sitting in a hot room or hot water is unappealing? Turns out there are actual health benefits to steam baths and saunas. Many people have seen these features at their local racquet and tennis clubs or other places they like to workout. Spas also offer these types of spa treatments as another way to help reduce pain and inflammation from injury. In fact, sitting in a steam bath or sauna before a workout can help loosen up the muscles and make athletes less prone to injury.

Beauty Treatments

From facials to pedicures, there’s no shortage of beauty treatments that you can get at a spa. Some spas are even beginning to use lasers for non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Offerings vary depending upon where you go, however, so make sure to do your research if you’re considering a cosmetic procedure.

Have more questions about the types of treatments you can find in luxury spas, wellness centers, and health clubs? Leave a comment below.

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