Fainting Could be a Sign of Serious Medical Problems


The summer months are finally here, which means more people will be working out for “beach season.”

But Dr. Jeffery Banker, director of the Syncope Clinic, tells The Baltimore Sun that working out in the heat is dangerous for many people.

“Work out too hard and become overheated… and you might faint,” Dr. Banker said.

A person fainting might seem like a minor issue to some, as the body usually revives itself fairly quickly. But fainting could also be a warning sign for a much more serious issue.

“Low blood pressure can cause fainting,” Dr. Banker added. “When blood pressure drops below the level needed to get blood and oxygen to the brain, a person loses consciousness.”

MedicineNet reports that along with overheating issues, simple workout activities can cause low blood pressure and eventual fainting as well.

Yoga poses that lower the head below the heart, as well as bench press, sit-ups, and other stretches and movements, could all lead to syncope, also known as fainting.

Those who experience this issue while working out should speak to medical professionals. In some cases, patients will even be prescribed medication to immediately increase blood pressure to avoid fainting.

Becoming overheated and sweating too much are two of the main causes of fainting inside gyms. If a gym’s cooling system isn’t working properly, more people will be at risk or overheating and potentially fainting. Laminar fans circulate air up to 300 times an hour and are used to keep hospitals and other facilities cool.

Banker added that syncope could potentially be part of a lethal issue and must be evaluated as soon as symptoms are evident. Depending on the level of fainting and each person’s situation, a cardiologist and neurologist should be consulted if serious problems continue.

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