Lessons On Lighting Up: What Canada Can Learn From Colorado

On October 17, 2018, Canada ended its 95-year-old prohibition on pot: adults are now free to consume and grow cannabis without worrying about the potential legal repercussions. Considering the fact that Colorado beat the nation by nearly five years, their statistics could provide some much-needed insight into what’s to come. Let’s takeĀ a closer look. Colorful…

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A Legend Leaves Us: Arnold Aronson, Mayo Clinic Speech Pathologist, Dies At 90

Few can say they given back to the world as much as they’ve received. Arnold Aronson, one of the chief speech pathology researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota dedicated 36 years of his life to the nonprofit organization before passing away in mid-November at age 90. “His clinical, research, and scholarly contributions were enormous,”…

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