Sick Building Syndrome: Airborne Toxins and Poor Ventilation Making People Ill

Medical professionals across the country are hoping to raise awareness about a common yet misrepresented illness known as ‘sick building syndrome.’ According to, this syndrome is the result of continued exposure to harmful toxins, volatile organic compounds, and airborne pollutants. Acknowledged by the Environmental Protection Agency as a legitimate condition, sick building syndrome (SBS)…

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Woman Who Lost 70 Pounds Divorces Husband Because He Didn’t Agree with Her New Lifestyle

Sadly, over 50% of American marriages end in divorce. When a married couple embarks on a journey to lose weight together, it often strengthens their bond. When only one spouse decides to make important life changes, however, it can sometimes lead to jealousy, frustration, and even divorce. According to the Independent Journal Review, Angela Crickmore, a…

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