4 Signs It’s Time to See A Doctor About Your Back Pain


If you’re struggling with back pain and are seeking a solution that’ll give you long-term relief, you’ll be happy to know a chiropractic service can offer a solution. Chiropractors have the expertise and specialized training needed to effectively address different causes of back pain and offer non surgical pain management options. Whether you’re experiencing acute or chronic discomfort, a chiropractor can help you stop pain now so you can get back to your normal life.

Chiropractors primarily address spine misalignments or subluxations that lead to back pain and restricted movement. With the help of manual adjustments and spinal manipulations, they can restore proper spine alignment to reduce pressure on your nerves and promote optimal function. By addressing the underlying issues, chiropractic care provides long-lasting relief instead of only treating the symptoms.

Chiropractors also employ a holistic approach to back pain management. So don’t be surprised if your practitioner recommends complementary therapies such as physical therapy for back pain near me. Physical therapy exercises will strengthen the supporting muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance overall spinal health.

When you get to a point where you can’t put socks on back pain, seeking professional help is important. A chiropractor will work with you to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs. Don’t let back pain stop you from enjoying your life; call your local chiropractor today.

We’ve all felt it. That sudden twinge when you reach for something in a high cupboard, or that ache you feel no matter which way you lay down to rest. Back pain impacts millions of people every year, causing individuals to take over-the-counter painkillers and hope for quick relief.

Back pain is common, and often, it is not serious. If you haven’t experienced an injury, then your back pain may be a temporary discomfort that will go away with better shoes or a new mattress. However, in some cases, back pain indicates a more serious problem that needs to be examined by a medical professional.

It can be difficult to determine whether back discomfort is a fluke or cause for concern. If you experience the following symptoms or scenarios, it might be time contact a doctor or chiropractor about your back pain:

1. You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Though back pain that disrupts your sleep habits is generally not life-threatening, lack of sleep itself can impact other areas of your health. Inability to rest can make you more prone to illness, and increased exhaustion or stress in general lowers your quality of life. If you’re experiencing persistent back pain when you try to sleep, your symptoms could have a number of causes, from scoliosis to meningitis. Schedule a doctor’s appointment to get nighttime back pain relief, and better sleep.

2. Your Daily Activities Have Been Interrupted

Back pain can disrupt job performance across any industry. While waiters or physical laborers will certainly be impacted by back pain, if you work at a computer, or if you’re one of the 5.9 million commercial drivers in the U.S., sitting with back pain can make your workday downright torturous. Don’t wait until your pain is so severe you need to take sick leave. If your back pain is significant enough to disrupt your daily work activities, schedule an appointment.

3. You’re Also Experiencing Numb Legs or Weakness

Pain, tingling, weakness, or numbness that travels down the legs or arms, called sciatica, often accompanies back pain when there’s problematic pressure on the spinal nerve root. This pressure, called radiulopathy, can be caused by a herniated disc or a bone spur. If you have these symptoms, head to a doctor. Your symptoms might require surgery to prevent further nerve damage, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment.

4. Your Symptoms Have Lasted Over Three Weeks

If your back pain has lasted long enough to disrupt your lifestyle over the course of a few weeks, it might be time to head to a chiropractor. You could have one of a number of chronic pain conditions which impact more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. While chronic conditions can’t always be cured, your doctor will suggest pain management strategies. Non-curative therapies can still be very effective– massage alone reduced pain for 92% of patients.

If you’re experiencing back pain, know the signs that indicate serious conditions. When back pain disrupts your daily life or persists for several weeks, take action to protect your health, and schedule a doctor’s appointment.

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