Muscle Strength Testing Equipment Instruments for Rehab and Physical Therapy

Muscle strength testing is a common test used in physical therapy and other associated health professionals such as sports care and elderly homecare. The test was popularized back in the 1940s in a period where polio outbreaks were rampant. Manual muscle testing (MMT) became an important part of combating the effects of the disease as…

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Important Benefits of Automatic and Lightweight Infusion Pumps You Should Know About

For hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, patient care routinely involves having the patients on a bed with medication or nutrients flowing through an intravenous line. This can be a ground reality before or after surgery or a means to regular treatment in many cases. If you run or manage a healthcare establishment, this…

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How Modifications Like New Wheelchair Footrests Can Enhance Your Mobility

When it comes to living a full and rewarding life, a lot of people have to overcome many difficulties and setbacks in their pursuits of such lives. Seniors and people with disabilities perform remarkable feats of bravery on a daily basis trying to overcome the limits of their bodies in order to have happy and…

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