How to Open Gyms That Offer Spin Classes


When it comes to a good workout, there’s no better option than a high-intensity spin class. According to Trusty Spotter, spin classes are the second most popular type of workout behind yoga. So if you own or manage a gym, you’re losing out on valuable clientele if you don’t offer these classes to your local population. If you’re ready to take the next leap to offer this popular workout, you should know what gyms that offer spin classes need to do in order to be successful. It isn’t enough to be passionate about fitness. You also need a solid business plan.

Install a New Floor

There are several options, such as foam, hardwood flooring install, vinyl, and carpet used in a gym, according to Bob Vila. However, the type of form you use in your gym depends on what section the installation will go in and the purpose of the workout. When deciding on the material you’ll use for your spin class or other workout room, consider a material that has the best traction and slip resistance. Think about the type of maintenance the floor will need and if it can help with noise reduction.

Rubber is a popular choice for a gym floor because it could last a long time, is resilient, and can hold up against impact. When people move around on a gym floor or are cycling for an hour during a spin class, lots of sweat is bound to float around the room. A rubber floor installation is a great way to stave off mold and mildew thanks to its water resistance. If you install a rubber floor in your spin cycle room, you’ll have a floor that’s durable and won’t cause injury if someone falls off their bike.

You should also consider your gym budget when installing a new floor for your cycling class.

The price to install your new floor can vary based on how large your spin class area is and the type of material you use. According to a report, new gym flooring fees range between $46,200 and $198,0001.

Sell Merchandise

Gyms that offer spin classes should invest in selling their merchandise. Merchandise such as jackets, hats, gym bags, and workout gear are a great additional source of revenue for any gym. Since cycling classes are so popular, you’re bound to have a lot of traffic in your gym. More traffic and memberships mean more people that can potentially buy your products.

Your gym merchandise can go beyond items that people wear. People who come to a gym often eat healthy, or at least are trying to. So include snacks, protein mixes, and other drinks that can give people endurance to stay through a spin class that can last up to an hour. Sell drinks such as Gatorade or coconut water that are known for replenishing electrolytes in the body.

However, revenue isn’t the only reason why gyms that offer spin classes should sell merchandise. When customers go to a gym that has relevant merchandise, they may feel that the gym is going out of its way to supply their fitness needs.

Merchandise also helps increase your branding. Remember, if you have branded merchandise that people wear on the street, other people can learn about your gym and its cycling classes. So if you want to bring in more customers for your spin classes, having cool jackets, T-shirts and other paraphernalia is a great way to do so.

Remodel Your Bathroom

Gyms that offer spin classes need to accommodate lots of people in their bathrooms. If you offer spin classes, expect to see even more traffic than normal. With so many people coming in and out at various times of the day, they need a clean place to shower and relieve themselves after downing bottles of water and protein shakes.

As you begin remodeling your gym bathrooms, think about a good layout. Consider the actual space that you have available to make it more accessible for different age groups and ability levels. People should be able to shower and use the toilets with a decent amount of privacy. Members also shouldn’t have to bump into each other or climb over each other as they go from their lockers or out of the shower.

When it comes to any bathroom, especially a public one like a gym, safety matters. So it’s another area where you should have finished floors that are properly sealed with epoxy coating. Epoxy floors are both slip and water-resistant. Increase safety by adding non-slip mats and grab bars for people to use.

Make sure your bathroom remodeling contractor also adds ample storage, such as towel shelves and personal lockers. You want all your members to stay organized and keep their belongings safe.

Maintain Your AC

According to Backroads, a spin class may last for about 45 to 60 minutes, so everyone is working up a major sweat. Can you imagine coming out of such an intense cycling class and not having any reprieve with cool air? That’s why gyms that offer spin classes must keep their HVAC system on point.

Your AC does more than supply cool air. It’s also vital for proper ventilation and air filtration. Remember, gyms, especially tight cycling classes, have many people in the same space. Therefore it’s easy to have a buildup of bad sweaty air and pollutants. Your unit will filter bad air out, as long as professional air conditioning contractors maintain it. Keeping a regulated temperature in your spin class allows everyone can stay cool while their bodies heat up from the intensive non-stop cycling. When active people overheat, especially during an intense cycling class, they may suffer from heat exhaustion and pass out at the gym.

Add Lighting

You can’t expect people to work out in the dark. Gym spin classes are often held in front of a big mirror so people can see the instructor and themselves from all angles. Call your local electrical contractors to make necessary lighting upgrades and check existing wiring. In other words, gyms that offer spin classes should ensure that all members can see themselves working up a sweat on those bicycles.

Repair Your Roof

Having a strong roof on your commercial structure is just as important as it is on your residential property. Commercial roofing companies can install the strongest roofing materials to prevent leaks from occurring. If you live in an area with inclement weather, water leaks can easily occur if water can seep through cracks in your roof. When water creeps into your spin classroom or any other part of the gym, it could damage the expensive equipment. If you avoid regular inspections and your roof becomes so bad that it caves in, your spin classes will have to shut down for days or weeks at a time for repairs. During a shutdown, your clients may go to another location and decide to stay there.

Make sure your gym building has regular roofing inspections. According to Bob Vila, the average lifespan of any roof is about 20 years. However, a metal roof can last 50 to 70 years. So you may want to invest in a metal roof installation on your commercial building. Having a strong roof also helps with proper insulation, so it’s easier to maintain a regular comfortable temperature inside your gym. If your spin classes suffer from air leaks due to poor roofing, the HVAC system won’t be able to properly cool it down.

Fix Your Parking Lot

Gyms that offer spin classes must remember that most of your members will probably be driving to your location. So you want to ensure that your parking lot is safe to drive, park, and walk around in. The best way to do so is by hiring local pavement companies to smooth out dangerous cracks and level the pavement. Enlist the services of local cement companies or asphalt pavers to do the job.

The parking lot plays a big role in your curb appeal as it’s one of the first things that current members and potential members will see when they arrive. A commercial parking lot should have properly spaced out spots. According to the American Disabilities Act, your gym should have at least one accessible space for every 25 spaces.

Renovate Your Bathroom

In addition to remodeling your bathroom in terms of its layout, you should also renovate it from top to bottom in terms of its fixtures. Improving the appearance of your bathroom makes it look more professional. Doing a full renovation can also fix any lingering health or safety issues such as mold or mildew. Remember, since the bathroom has a lot of moisture, it’s an environment in which mold and mildew can grow easily. People constantly come in and out of your gym bathrooms, especially those attending popular spin classes. As people wash up and wash their hair, it’s very easy for your bathroom drains to get clogged. During this renovation, it’s a perfect time for your plumbing contractors to check for any ongoing clog issues and fix them properly.

Plumbing contractors can make your gym bathroom more energy efficient. They can install dual flush toilets in which you have one flush option for liquid waste and another one for solid waste. According to the EPA, American toilets waste as much as five gallons of water with every flush. They can also install low-flow shower heads so your gym water bill can be lower and you can conserve water.

Rent Equipment

All gyms that offer spin classes need the right equipment rental. You can’t have cycling classes without stationary bikes for members to use. The amount of bikes you need depends on how much space you have for your classes. If the classes prove to be as popular as your average spin class, you may eventually expand into more rooms at your gym. Some spin classes may also need an audio system for the instructor to be able to speak to the class. A good music system is also imperative so that the class has music to workout out.

Upgrade Your Entrance

Gyms that offer spin classes should make it obvious that they offer such workout options by way of their entrance. In other words, use custom signage on doors to show your offers and discounts. You can also display signs in your parking lot.

The gym entrance is also where you should display your products and other merchandise. Have easily accessible flyers and other information that people can grab about signing up for membership, membership additions, and discounts such as free passes for friends.

Install a Smoothie/Juice Bar

Gyms that offer spin classes should also offer members a way to cool down and refresh themselves with a fresh green juice or smoothie. Offering bottled refreshments such as Gatorade, coconut water, and bottled water in the merchandise section is helpful, but a fresh juice and smoothie option can help you compete better with other gyms and spin class facilities. Many large gyms offer a smoothie or juice bar kiosk to bring in more revenue and help members stay energized.

People also learn additional info about what they should eat and drink for their health. According to Well and Good, Montmorency cherry juice decreases inflammation and muscle damage after a workout.

Offering a juice bar in your gym can also enhance customer satisfaction. Between offering excellent spin classes, branded merchandise, and fresh juices to recharge and energize, your gym can have great reviews that can also bring in more members.

Now is the time to begin offering spin classes at your local gym facility. Cycling classes provide a workout option that’s extremely popular and great for health. Your gym business will have more access to a range of clientele that will come back for more as long as you provide quality service. If you want to be among the gyms that offer spin classes, you can use this guide to ensure its success for years to come. So, begin calling those contractors and building out those juice bars!

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