A Bracelet Fertility Tracker Just Hit the Market


“There’s an app for that” has become the common response to many problems that once plagued humanity. However, that wasn’t the case until quite recently for one of the most serious life roadblocks afflicting more than 6 million women:┬átrouble getting pregnant.

Luckily, a new product has hit the market: a bracelet that connects to (you guessed it) an app. The fertility tracking bracket reveals when the wearer’s fertile days begin and end.

The Ava bracelet is worn by women at night, and measures breathing rate, heart rate, sleep quality and temperature in order to determine when the body is most likely to get pregnant.

“Timing intercourse around ovulation is critical for conceiving, but the current options for doing so are inadequate. We’re long overdue for a device like Ava that detects the fertile window precisely and easily,” said Prof. Brigitte Leener, who led the clinical study for the bracelet.

The fertility bracelet syncs with an app in the morning to tell the wearer how fertile they are. According to a press release, the bracelet has recorded an 89% accuracy in detecting an average of 5.3 fertile days per menstrual cycle.

“Even if you’re tracking your periods to try to optimize your timing for conception, only about 30 percent of women have fertile windows that fall entirely within the time that clinical guidelines predict,” said Lea von Bidder, the Ava Science CEO and co-founder. In fact, she claims that the Ava bracelet can cut the time it takes to get pregnant in half.

According to a recent study, other websites and apps that purport to predict fertility windows do not do so accurately. Out of 53 fertility calculators tested, only four were able to pinpoint a woman’s fertile days. With such inaccurate tools, the market looks wide open for Ava.

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