Watch Out, Guys! Your Phone Might Be Cooking Your Fertility



Pregnancy is dubbed “the miracle of life” for a reason: a lot has to happen in order for a woman to successfully conceive a child. And it’s not all up to her.

In fact, data shows that infertility can be equally attributed to three different causes: the female partner, the male partner, or a combination of both.

So what causes male infertility? A new study hot off the press suggests that smartphone and laptops might be sizzling male sperm production.

Yes, you heard correctly. The study showed that men who kept their phones in their trouser pockets during the day had less active and poorer quality sperm than those who stowed it elsewhere.

Despite the study only consisting of 100 men attending a fertility clinic for a year, Dr. Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE Fertility, believes that the research is compelling. Namely, she feels it suggests that sperm damage due to excessive smartphone and laptop use can indeed negatively impact male fertility rates.

The study’s lead author, Professor Martha Dirnfeld, attributes the alleged male fertility issues to the heat from the phone’s electromagnetic energy.

“There may be a thermal effect — which is known to adversely impact on sperm function — when you keep your mobile phone in your pocket,” said Dirnfeld. “My advice would be to take caution – how long you spend each day using mobile phones and where you keep it. Some experts advise keeping it in your shirt pocket, instead. Although the conclusive evidence isn’t there yet, it’s useful to take precautions.”

Interestingly enough, the research coincided with a release of anti-radiation underwear. Its inventors, interestingly, claim the garments will protect men from these dangerous side effects of mobile phone usage.

Naturally, the findings require a great deal more research before scientists can make any definitive conclusions. Either way it’s a good idea for men to keep their crotches cool, as prolonged exposure to heat has been shown to have a negative impact on male fertility.
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