Staying Active In Four Wheels Information You Should Know About Products For Your Wheelchair


In the United States, individuals strive to lead an active lifestyle. They get some form of physical activity for at least thirty minutes a day. This, combined with the proper diet, ensures that they are the epitome of health. People also feel good, and that’s important! Some people incorrectly assume that only able bodied individuals can lead an active lifestyle. This active lifestyle, in actuality, is possible for all people. After all, 650 million people live with a disability throughout the world. So, anyone can certainly be active! They can also live their entire life with the active lifestyle mentality. These are more specifically, those who are in wheelchairs.

If you use a wheelchair in your daily life, here is information you should know about products for your wheelchair.

Wheelchair Wheels

To begin, many people do not consider wheelchair tires when thinking of products to purchase for the device they need every single day. However, the wheels of the chair make an active lifestyle possible.

Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels: The first product you should consider is off-road wheelchair wheels. If you wan to be active, or are active, your wheelchair’s wheels can allow you to do so. To expand, off-road wheelchair wheels give you the accessibility to move on roads that may be rocky, uneven, dirt, and all sorts of consistencies. So, you can go on hikes with friends and family, you can enjoy the beautiful weather, you can see interesting sites, and you can be active!

Advantages of Different Wheelchair Wheels

There are advantages or benefits to off-road wheelchair wheels, and others that are similar to those.

Comfortable: Needless to say, while living an active lifestyle, you do not have to stay indoors or have the same routine each day. You can get out and explore! When hiking with friends and family, or using outdoor trails, you’ll certainly find rough terrain. Although this terrain is not comfortable, off-road wheelchair wheels actually make the road comfortable for you! These wheels allow you to glide over rocks and rough surfaces without even feeling it!

Oops I’m Stuck: There are times where you may get the wheels of your wheelchair stuck somewhere. In addition, this could cause you to tip over by accident. This wouldn’t be a good occurrence on rough terrain. But, you don’t have to worry about this! With off-road wheelchair wheels, you wouldn’t get stuck or tip over. You’ll be able to move safely!

Safe: To expand on what was previously mentioned, off-road wheelchair wheels will keep you safe. In other words, they prevent you from getting a minor or major injury while you’re living an active lifestyle.

Side Guards For Wheelchairs

This next product is side guards for wheelchairs. This product goes hand in hand with off-road wheelchair wheels. They protect you when on rough terrain so rocks, objects, and debris do not fly around and injure you. Therefore, if you’re going on hikes you should use them.

Footrests For Wheelchairs

Footrests for wheelchairs are another portion of a wheelchair that isn’t typically considered when discussing an active lifestyle. Footrests for wheelchairs are, in reality, a very important component to wheelchairs. They are essentially a space for people to place their feet while in the wheelchair. In addition, footrests for wheelchairs do more than just rest feet! Here are the benefits of footrests for wheelchairs and how they help with an active lifestyle.

Improve Posture: When you place your feet in footrests for wheelchairs you are essentially sitting properly in your chair. This proper sitting position actually helps improve your posture. So, great or proper posture is healthy and adds to an active lifestyle!

So Long Pain: Footrests for wheelchairs can help you decrease your back pain, joint pain, pain from sores and so much more! Once your pain is decreased, you can head into living an active lifestyle. Needless to say, footrests for wheelchairs help you with your active life!

Circulation: When you place your feet in footrests for wheelchairs, it helps with your blood circulation. You can improve the circulation in your legs and your back. This improvement then has the potential to lead you to more activity!

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