Why Understanding the Difference Between Emergency and Urgent Care Can Actually Mean Life Or Death

There are a lot of grey areas in life, from determining your relationship status — or whether or not you’ve landed yourself smack dab in the friend zone — to whether telling a “white” lie to boss about why you skipped out early on a Friday afternoon, to healthcare. Yes, healthcare simply isn’t as cut…

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Exploring the Differences in Senior Housing Options

Being an adult comes with a number of important, and often difficult responsibilities, some easier to manage their others. Perhaps one of the most difficult responsibilities an adult is tasked with is caring for their aging parents or relatives. For generations, it was a common practice to for adult children to have their parents live…

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The #1 Side Effect Of Lower Back Pain Will Shock You

Back pain is a prominent cause of disability globally, and it is one of the most common reasons individuals visit the doctor or miss work. Back pain can range from aching muscles to shooting, burning, or stabbing pain. Furthermore, discomfort may travel down your leg or intensify when you bend, twist, stand, or walk. You…

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How Carrying Health Insurance Can Keep You Happy and Healthy

Having any kind of insurance is a weight off your back, and that’s why many people try to find employment options that offer healthcare benefits for workers. Getting sick or being in an accident has become one of the biggest expenses in the country, and having a safety net can actually make you happier and…

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Three of the Latest Studies That Can Help You Lose Weight

It seems like everyday there’s a new fad diet displacing the top weight loss programs, be it the pescatarian diet or the paleo diet or what have you. Although such fad diets rarely ever work the way they’re supposed to, they’re still worth paying attention to, as they’re usually based on some form of scientific…

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