Why Online Therapy Is Psychiatry’s Best — Kept Secret


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Whether due to work, location, or other commitments, it can be difficult to keep doctors’ appointments. Due in part to the fact that psychological ailments can be considered “lesser” and certainly less urgent than physical illnesses, it’s particularly easy to cancel a psychiatrist’s appointment and forget to reschedule. However, taking care of your mental health is incredibly important. A possible solution to the issue of scheduling … among others … is telemedicine video conferencing, an innovative new way to see your doctor.

What Is Telemedicine Video Conferencing?

Telemedicine video conferencing refers to the practice in which the patient meets with their psychiatrist using telepsychiatric software, which would resemble the sort of technology used in general video conferences.

Is This A Legitimate Practice?

Very much so! As of now, 22 states mandate that insurers must reimburse patients using a telemedicine platform at the same rate as those using in … person psychiatrists. Additionally, elemedicine doctors are licensed professionals and are required to use HIPAA compliant video conferencing software.

Why Should I Use Telemedicine Psychiatry?

It’s been suggested that mental illness is found in 30% to 35% of the chronically ill population; these are people who may not be able to easily or safely leave their homes. Many serious mental illnesses on their own prohibit people from leaving the house as a health person would, particularly if the patient is recovering from a traumatic event. Telemedicine is also a potential option for those who live too far away from mental health professionals to be expected to reliably make in … person appointments.

Does Telemedicine Video Conferencing Work?

A part of any experience with a psychiatrist is finding the right doctor, and telemedicine platforms provide plenty of options for patients to choose from. Certainly, telemedicine psychiatry has a better rate of kept appointments, with 92% of telemedicine patients keeping their appointments versus 87% of patients who had in … person appointments. A trial of online therapy also saw 73% of patients re … booking with the same clinician.

The Advantages Of Telemedicine Extend To Doctors

Patients aren’t the only ones to benefit from telemedicine. It allows more independence and flexibility for clinicians, and that in turn increases the likelihood that the patient will have a good, personalized experience. It’s a system from which everyone benefits.

Although a person’s experience with psychiatric treatment is deeply personal, treatment through online therapy is an excellent alternative to “traditional” therapy. The former is proven to be effective … but not for everyone. In an increasingly technology … dependent world, it makes perfect sense that telemedicine is the next step in the advancement of psychiatric care.

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