Are You Looking for Safe Ways to be More Active?


A little bit of normalcy.

Although they were wearing masks underneath their helmets, your son and his friends had football practice after school yesterday. And in spite of the fact that the largest school district in the state announced the tthey would be delaying the start day by two weeks and then only returning to school remotely, the district you live in started classes yesterday. With only 20% of the students coming in each day for the first week, the staff has been instructed to focus on connecting with students and teaching new safety protocols. And, as promised by the superintendent, if there were in person classes then the sports schedule could slowly resume. As a leader in the state, the superintendent has emphasized that if there is not in person classes, there would be no sports. And while the schedule for any competitions in still up in the air, your son was thrilled to have put on pads and do what they love. Play ball. And even though the possibility of actual games is still up for discussion, working on skills for the sake of just being better is a real motivator after a long spring and summer of limited activity.

The last few weeks have been spent with shifts of athletes being allowed into the weight room, and with the new requirements for social distancing a couple of local doctors had an idea. A team of chiropractors and physical therapists agreed to come in and use their functional assessment tools and range of motion testing solutions usually reserved for rehab, these doctors decided that athletes were going to be working out alone, they might as well have individualized work out plans as well. The hope, of course, is that instead of doing reps that are intended for the whole group, the workouts can help athletes strengthen their individual weaknesses and improve upon their assets.

Functional Assessment Tools Can be Used for a Variety of Purposes

With the use of the latest chiropractic adjustment tools, muscle testing machines, and other kinds of functional assessment tools, some athletes are finding out that you do not need to wait until you are injured or rehabbing to make the most of the best information for athletes. In fact, functional assessment tools are increasingly being used across many athletic platforms to not only help athletes avoid injury, but improve during regular workouts and conditioning sessions.

The human body has more than 650 muscles, and while most of us know that engaging in just 10 minutes of physical activity every day can help improve mobility and allow people to live longer, too few people get the exercise and workouts that they need. As a result, chronic health conditions are a problem for people of all age in America. From diabetes to high blood pressure, in fact, the nation is finding that the least healthy among us are most at risk during this pandemic.

As a result, there is a renewed interest in many to find a way to get back in shape and increase exercise levels. Fortunately, there is technology that is available today that can help even the most sedentary people get up, move, and make the most of their exercise and activity times. And as more and more people realize that chiropractors do more than adjust backs and physical therapists provide more than rehabilitation services after an injury or surgery, there is some hope among some health experts that the current pandemic might help Americans as a whole change their habits.

Not surprising, U.S. News and Money ranks physical therapist and physical therapist assistant in their top 10 for best healthcare jobs. In fact, there are approximately 200,000 physical therapists employed in the U.S. today, with an additional 60,000 projected to be added to the workforce in coming years. Whether you are a high school or college athlete or you are someone who is just looking for a way to deal with chronic back pain that has recently limited your activity, it is important to note that turning to the experts can help you get back in motion. A goal that is important during the current Covid-19 threat.

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