Healthy Home, Healthy You How to Stay Healthy at Home


Ideally, you should look forward to coming home. There should be a blend of comfort and health. One of the best healthy home tips is to set up your living space so you can eat, drink, and be healthy.

First, tackle the three main issues that may be keeping you from being healthy in your own home:


It is the one thing that robs so many of happiness and an indicator of poor health. Pain can be as benign as a regular tension headache or as debilitating as low back pain after you’ve strained to lift a 50-pound bag of mulch. One of the best healthy home tips is to make your home less painful. From paint color to ergonomic chairs, there are many options to reduce the heavy lifting and easing your body into a more fluid natural state.


A real reaction by your body that perceives a threat. A recent Gallup emotional state poll revealed that 55% of Americans experience stress daily. There’s no doubt that deadlines, overbearing bosses, and difficult co-workers cause much of the stress you feel. Your home should be the oasis that keeps your mind frees from worry and gives you a place that you feel safe and unthreatened.

Bad habits

Smoking is going to not only going to prevent you from being healthy but it’s also going to make your home “sick.” Smoking indoors can discolor walls, furniture, and floors. Cigar and cigarette sparks can also burn or destroy carpets, drapes, and the upholstery on furniture. Too much alcohol or drugs can damage your health and your house. Smoking cessation programs, as well as treatment for addiction, are available at your local hospital or health clinic.

A healthy house on the inside

Stay put

To be healthier you don’t need a new house. There are a few simple ways to make your home a healthy space. You want a welcoming retreat, an oasis from the chaos, and user-friendly. It should be comfortable and up-to-date. Get rid of what’s making you sick—ridding your home of pests, radon, mold, fixing leaks, replacing hazardous material (asbestos), improving safety features—you can also improve your sense of well-being.

Clean house, healthy house

One of the easiest healthy home tips, is to keep a clean house. If your house is stuffed with stuff or you need to haul away large items cluttering up your basement or garage, you have many options. If you’re in the DIY mood, you can look into residential dumpster rentals. You can choose the size of the dumpster you need, and literally dump your mess.


how to stay healthy at home

It’s not one of these secret healthy home tips; you need healthy air to feel healthy. Every home should have a good HVAC system. An HVAC system controls the overall climate. It helps with air flow and air quality. Even so, air purifiers are another option to improve the air, if you’re suffering from allergies or have asthma. Look for small, portable units that can go from room to room.

Are you cool in the summer? Make sure your air conditioning unit isn’t going to quit while you are cooking in the kitchen or working out in your basement gym. A local air conditioning contractor can do an examination of your unit and let you know if there are problems. They can either do an AC duct repair or suggest tips on how to keep your home comfortable during the heat. Proper functioning of your home’s heating and ac systems is one of the more critical healthy home tips.

Are you toasty in the winter? Adequate insulation can go a long way in making your home less drafty. And it won’t take a toll on your health (or your wallet). And don’t wait until the last minute to let your fuel delivery service know if you’re running low on fuel. Most services can put you on a regular schedule and even call ahead before they arrive.

Consider your lighting

Poor lighting has been found to contribute to depression. To read, work, or workout better, you’re going to need more than few well-placed lamps. A good electrician can let you know if you need different fixtures, more outlets, electric repair and they can take a look at your electrical box to see if your system is up to code. They can also advise you if they can install an upgraded lighting system.

The kitchen

Your kitchens are center of a healthy home. Dropping a lot of money into a room renovation may sound daunting, but it’s worth it. Maybe you need to update or renovate your appliances. Add a new kitchen sink faucet with a water purifier. A new convection oven or stove—anything that encourages healthy eating is one of the key healthy home tips. Of all the kitchen renovators surveyed, about one-third admitted it impacted their lifestyle in a healthy way. Try something simple such as updating the stools around your kitchen island to more ergonomic seating.

Bedroom is for sleeping

One of the most important healthy home tips is to create a bedroom that induces sleep. Start with walls that are cool–grays and pale blues. These soothing colors help you relax and enhance sleep. Remove all your electronics. Scrolling through your computer or phone for a long time can keep you awake. Consider a fan to keep you cool at night which aides in peaceful slumber. Soft white noises–rainfall, ocean waves or waterfalls are sounds that may relax you.

Create a soothing bathroom

This is the room where you begin and end each day. It should be sleek, simple, and easy to clean. Make sure the paint and the grout (tile sealants) are mold-resistant. Keeping your bathroom well-ventilated is one of the top ten healthy home tips. A cool, dry bathroom will discourage the prevalence of mold. Mold is nearly impossible to remove once it’s turned the surfaces black. It’s disastrous to your health and equally disastrous is trying to remove it with bleach or other strong chemical cleaners. The fumes are toxic and overuse will destroy the grout.

how to stay healthy at home

Gym down under

If you are working out in your basement or other living space. You’ll want to design a gym that has all the equipment and safety features of a true gym, without the expense (and crowds). You won’t need a degree in civil engineering, just some creativity, and common sense. First, make sure your gym area is well ventilated. Remember, basements are typically more humid and damper than the rest of your home. Look for comfortable flooring or mats that can cushion your feet or any pressure points when you’re doing floor exercises. You’ll want weight benches or chairs to support your body while performing weight-bearing exercises. If you have equipment such as treadmills or stair climbers, keep the electrical cords out of the way to prevent falls. Also, keep the machines clean, dry, and maintained.

A healthy house on the outside

You know that your body craves healthy foods, but it also craves time outside. Sunny climates are going to give you adequate amounts of vitamin D. Better still if you happen to live near water like ponds, lakes, bays, and oceans. If you love water and enjoy water sports, you’re going to want to look at custom docks. Many builders offer multi-purpose structures that can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. Healthy home tips always include safety: customized docks allow you safe access to your boat, jet ski, canoe, or a retreat for you and your family. Skin tip: use a broad-spectrum sunscreen even on cloudy days (UVA rays can still damage your skin through clouds and smog).

If you live in a forested area and want to enjoy your back yard, make sure you’re safe. Organic treatments can clear away pests and insects. Keep your walking areas safe too. Local landscape companies can recommend what to plant if you’re dreaming of creating a shady cool spot to relax or meditate. Don’t want the neighbors to see you walking in circles around your backyard? Protect your privacy with a fence or give your perimeter an upgrade with a fence replacement. Vary your landscape with raised beds of flowers, shrubs, and other features. Your outdoor workouts will be the best part of your day. Your landscaper may be able to add your own personal walking or jogging path. Don’t think healthy home tips are relegated to the indoors, a meditation garden is a wonderful way to stay healthy in your own area.

Exercise 101

Now that you’ve created the home gym of your dreams, here are some tips to get you started.

how to stay healthy at home

Exercise is divided into two types aerobic (think continuous movement) and non-aerobic (think spurts of energy). Workouts like circuit training employ both. They’re tough workouts, but it’s only recommended to do those types if you have a day to recover. Aerobic exercise will move your body, utilizing your larger muscles of the lower body. While anaerobic, a high-intensity type movement includes weight lifting.

Weight lifting, also known as resistance training, is a great way to lose weight and build muscle. When muscles are challenged, they use up more energy. Muscles tear down and build up with regular and increased poundage or repetitions. You scale up through the number of times you repeat a movement. You can either increase or decrease the number of times you do one move—take bicep curls–one of the most basic movements. You hold a weight (dumbbell) in your hand and bend your arm at your elbow.

Your treadmill should have safety features like a safety key. It clips onto your shirt and clicks into the treadmill’s console. If it pulls out (say, if you trip), it will shut down the power and the treadmill will stop. Invest in a good pair of workout or training footwear—never walk barefoot on a treadmill. Athletic footwear is specifically designed to absorb the shock of impact from running and stabilize your body.

Of course, the best of all healthy home tips is to stay well-watered wherever you are. Sure, you could run upstairs and get a swig of water from the kitchen, but the idea is to contain all your gym needs—such as hydration—in one area. Bring a water bottle with you to your home gym. Glass or metal containers last longer and don’t break down plastic components into your drinking water. It’s also a great idea to purchase a small water cooler designed for in-home use.

Remember that clothes make the workout. True, no one will see you working out in your home gym, but you’re still exercising and need the best fabrics. Choose ones that wick away sweat. Any type of cotton—socks, bras, T-shirts—will hang onto moisture. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a wet rag. So look for breathable, synthetic knits that move with you.

Music can also help you work out more. No need to invest in complicated sound systems. Bluetooth technology and wireless speaker and move sound all over your home gym. Listening to invigorating music before your workout actually increases your breathing and heart rate. Your favorite tunes can also help you work out longer. But to be on the safe side, and so you won’t overdo it, consider a timer to keep your sessions to about 45-60 minutes.

Your Healthy Home Tips: Do’s and Don’t’s

Do it for fun. Many studies report that regular exercise can improve your mood.

Do it for your family. An unhealthy you may be drain on your family. A healthy you will uplift them.

Do encourage others. Maybe they’re not eating right, but be that inspiration for them to take up a healthy lifestyle.

how to stay healthy at home

Don’t stress. Okay, so you missed workout. You’ll be fine, just get back to it as soon as you can.

Don’t rush. Going too fast, or rushing through your workout, can cause injuries.

Don’t give up. Everyone has a bad day. Things go wrong and you may get injured. As soon as you’re ready get back on that treadmill.

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