Why You Don’t Have To Put Up With Back Pain


Back pains are a very severe and intense condition many people go through. Some causes of severe lower back and hip pain are poor posture, muscle strain, and nerve compression. There are also severe conditions like arthritis, infections, and accidents that can cause back pain. Avoid taking painkillers because they only treat the symptoms and not the cause of the disease. A physical therapist helps improve managing and treating patients with chronic back pain differential diagnosis.

Consider the following measures on how to make your back hurt less. Practice muscle stretching exercises to improve the blood flow and enable muscles to work effectively. Avoid lifting heavy weights, eat healthy foods and get active. Moreover, being overweight strains your back. If you suffer from severe back pains, get emergency back pain treatment from a nearby hospital. Increase your calcium and vitamin D levels, avoid prolonged sitting postures, sleep with a pillow under your knees, and sleep sideways to stress your back. Avoid smoking. Persistent smoking narrows blood vessels resulting in less oxygen level intake reaching the spine. Changing to a healthy and simple lifestyle will reduce the risk of back pain. If you experience back pain, visit a physical therapists office for a check-up and treatment.

Back pain isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. It’s striking to consider how common back and neck pain can be, with back pain alone being the leading cause of disability in Americans under 45 years old. It can be debilitating, causing you to lose money in long … term treatment, and limit your career and recreational options. That’s why more and more people are seeking medical treatment for their back pain; 19.1 million as of 2007.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

Lower back pain can have a number of causes, many of which can be helped or cured by minimally invasive spine surgery, among other treatment options. Back pain can be linked to genetic issues and your environment, as well as the expectations that come with more physical jobs. Sometimes, simply standing up the wrong way … or a repeated action that becomes second nature … can result in chronic back pain.

What Can I Do To Prevent Low Back Pain?

In some cases, it’s almost impossible to prevent lower back pain without minimally invasive spine surgery, particularly if your pain is caused by a genetic condition like scoliosis. However, you can prevent lower back pain through doctor … approved exercises. You can also monitor your diet to ensure that less weight is put on your spine, and use things like hot baths and heating pads.

Who Is Affected By Low Back Pain?

In 2007, 10.9 million women received medical treatment for back pain, compared to 8.2 million men. With so many people affected by lower back pain being under the age of 45, it’s clear that age isn’t as big a factor as some people may believe. Almost anyone, regardless of age or gender, can be affected by back pain, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed for seeking treatment.

What Are My Treatment Options?

While children can be treated for some conditions through things like back braces, once you’re an adult and your spine has stopped growing, your options become a bit more limited. Painkillers can treat the symptoms but not the cause, while therapy is more about managing back pain than curing it. When it comes to curing back pain, minimally invasive spine surgery may be your best option.

What Are The Benefits Of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery can be more cost … effective than long … term treatment, as it’s a single procedure that can eliminate back pain rather than managing it. As such, it also reduces or gets rid of your pain on a more permanent level. Additionally, it’s quite safe and most patients are able to return home to recover within 3 to 5 days. It’s a single small surgery that can change your life!

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