What is a Wellness Center?


Are you new to the idea of a wellness center? In this video, we will take a tour of a wellness center to gain a better understanding of these facilities.

Wellness centers are more than just health care, they are places to help heal and soothe. The facility is staffed with people who hold degrees in their chosen expertise.

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These can range from exercise science, food and nutrition, chiropractic care, pain management, and many others. You will find the modality you are looking for in many of these centers.

Everyone gets a personalized health exam and fitness center orientation so that they may get the most benefit out of the wellness center as possible. Staff will also assist you with setting and tracking goals. Many people will also be referred to wellness centers for physical and occupational therapy where their progress will be tracked by the staff.

These facilities are for both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts as well. Many offer classes for all levels in such areas as stretching, yoga and pilates, and other group exercise classes. Many of these centers also have lap pools and other aquatic services to assist those who need exercise that is easier on their joints.

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