Can You Lower Your Blood Sugar Naturally?


A quick and detailed guide on natural supplements to lower blood sugar is the topic in this video. Starting with aloe vera, a plant common to many homes, the benefits of using this plant are given with fair warning on when and when not to use it.

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For example, if one is taking other medication, it would not be good to use aloe vera unless a doctor approves. Next, the plant gymnema is talked about with testimony from those that used the plant and saw drastic results. Studies show gymnema lowered type 1 diabetes and compresses the urge to indulge in sweet treats.

On a precautionary side note, a gentle reminder is given to consult the physician because there could be side effects from these supplements. Last but not by any means least, cinnamon is a natural supplement to lower blood sugar levels. A time frame of how long the cinnamon was used for, and with the quantity of dosage consumed by others in their encouraging testimonies is shared. These results found in others act as a confidence booster for the next person, not to necessarily replace diabetes medicine, but to live healthier.

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