Simple Tips to Upgrade Your Custom Bikes


As of 2018, there are over 47.88 million bicyclists in the United States. This number has been growing steadily since the COVID-19 pandemic. Strava’s 2020 Sports Data Report showed that, globally, cyclists logged 8.1 billion miles that year, and the bike market is estimated to grow to $34.6 billion by 2027. All this growth has come with an increased need for custom bikes.

Regardless of your riding style, there are factors you should consider before upgrading your bike. Here are some top tips and ideas for getting the best parts from your favorite online custom bike retailer.

Consider Your Bike’s Compatibility

One of the challenges of upgrading your custom bicycle is finding compatible parts. Replacement part standards can vary within a few years after the release of the bike. Talk to one of our team members at your local bike store for guidance on the best parts.

Cassette and Chain Upgrades

The bike’s cassette, which consists of the cog, should be chosen first before the chain. The cassette you opt for may vary from 7 to 12 speed systems. The chain must correspond to the number of cogs for an optimum riding experience.

Saddle Upgrades to Enhance Comfort

The choice of a suitable seat is essential for all types of cyclists. Your online custom bike retailer will have a wide range of options depending on your preferences. You can make it easier to choose a saddle if you determine the type of cycling you like.

Recreational cyclists need a comfortable saddle for short trips and daily commutes. The bike’s saddle design will be spacious with adequate cushioning. Sports riders may prefer adjustable seats for their varying riding styles.

Your bike may have synthetic, leather, or cotton padding. The material is critical for mountain biking and cruising. That is because it is subject to the elements of the weather. Synthetic seats are low maintenance, affordable, and convenient for most cyclists.

Upgrade Wheels for a More Comfortable Ride

Your online custom bike retailer offers different size bicycles. The smallest size for adult bicycles is 16 inches. However, the wheels on these smaller bikes are more susceptible to stones and obstacles on the road. The smaller the rim, the more uncomfortable the ride will be.

Wheels that are 20 inches are standard for custom bikes. They have thicker wheels which offer a higher level of maneuverability. There are 32-inch frames suited for taller riders. The most critical factor is to choose parts that for optimum comfort to match your style of riding.

If you’re looking to upgrade your bicycle this summer, check your custom bike retailer.

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