The Rising Popularity of IV Therapy as a Hangover Cure

Hospital through the eyes of a patient
Hospital through the eyes of a patient

The growing trend of intravenous therapy as a hangover cure has become even more popular over the last couple of years, especially in Kansas City, Missouri. Even celebrities on popular television shows like “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” and “Vanderpump Rules” were filmed using IV drips to cure their hangovers in May.

Intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, is a solution of fluids designed to be injected directly into the vein. It is the fastest way to administer any fluid or medication for a patient, who absorbs 100% of the liquid. While hospitals use a variety of fluids for many different conditions, indulgent drinkers have taken to using it as a quick solution for their hangover pains over chugging water or drinking Gatorade.

This option was thrust back into the spotlight this week when members of the “Jersey Shore” cast and the stars of “Vanderpump Rules” took to the so-called “Banana Bag.” One can start feeling the effects of IV therapy after the first 60 minutes but for some, it kicks in a couple hours after therapy is performed. Many of these IV therapy drips also include vitamins in the infusion to offer a one-two punch of rehydration and nutritional boost. It can also be used to prevent a hangover if you administer the therapy before you go for a night out on the town.

In Kansas City, specialized IV therapy boutiques and stations are becoming a more common occurrence. While one might think it’s primarily used by the guilty high schooler or the regretful college frat boy, this is a service that’s used by just about everyone, including non-drinkers.

The electrolytes and vitamins delivered through an IV drip do more than just cure hangovers — they can help boost your immunity, improve your energy levels, and offer nutrition you might not be getting regularly.

While treatments have a large range of prices varying between $60 to well over a hundred dollars if you go to a center, some businesses charge even more for house calls. This is great for office employees that are feeling groggy at work or busy parents who work too much during the week.

The price is lofty compared to downing an electrolyte-filled drink, but it has more benefits than the latter. Gatorade and other energy drinks are filled with sugar that can exacerbate a headache. Additionally, these drinks need to pass through your digestive system, prolonging the immediate relief you might feel with alternative options like IV therapy. IV therapy also doesn’t use sugars and preservatives like many other drinks, making it a better option for a health-conscious patient.

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