Rental Towers in Manhattan Set to Feature ‘Sky Bridge’ Complete with Gym and Hot Tub


Many people are looking for unique amenities during their apartment search, but a new development in New York City has taken this idea to another level.

According to The Wall Street Journal, two giant rental towers are currently being constructed adjacent to one another on the East Side of Manhattan in NYC. The development is called the American Copper Buildings, and it’s set to feature a “sky bridge” that connects the two towers.apartmentbuilding

While a connecting bridge is impressive enough, JDS Development Group has decided to turn the bridge into a communal amenity space. Suspended 300 ft. above First Ave., the sky bridge will include a full gym, a hot tub, a juice bar, and several other perks.

“It was really key for this to be a cohesive project, rather than just two neighboring towers with a park in between them,” said JDS Development Group founder Michael Stern.

Both buildings are still under construction, but the giant bridge’s framework is already complete. There are currently labels strewn about the communal bridge space that read “hot tub” and “juice bar,” marking the exact locations of future amenities.

An average sized roof only takes about four days to install, but this project is so involved that developers are in no rush. One of the developers, Gregg Pasquarelli, extended the construction process when he decided to build a 75-foot pool on the second level of the sky bridge that connects both towers.

“How cool would that be that you can swim from one skyscraper to the other 300 feet in the air?” Pasquarelli said.

As the developers continue to add different amenities, the final completion date continues to change. A spokesman for American Copper Buildings has said that prices for the apartments won’t be made public until the fall, which means that it is far from being finished.

As Business Insider reported, the development’s 761 units will only be available to rent, with 20% being set aside for affordable living spaces. Since the towers are made from copper, they will gradually “turn green before our eyes” over the next 20 to 30 years, Pasquarelli added.

“It allows utterly everyone in that building, whether you’re renting a studio, a three-bed, a top floor or bottom floor, to experience the utter best of this entire property. That’s what this was all about from the very beginning,” said JDS Development Group principal Simon Koster.

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