New Fertility Test Helps Women and Men Plan For the Future


Having a child is a priority in and of itself. That’s why many working women understand the feeling of wanting a child — just not right now — and wanting to be able to better plan for one in the future.
And when it comes to fertility, it can be difficult to plan, as conceiving is a lot harder than many people realize. In fact, a staggering 6.7 million women between the ages of 15 and 44 have an impaired ability to either get pregnant or carry a baby to term.
But now, a new fertility test is available that is helping women to plan for future childbearing endeavors. So far, a number of fertility clinics say that this form of testing is reliable and popular. However, other doctors and medical professionals are advising women to take the fertility test results with a grain of salt.
This test is popular for women in their early thirties, currently experiencing what popular culture calls “baby fever.”
Take 32-year-old Annie Gerhart, for example. She’s a single, working woman who recently started wondering whether or not she would be able to have kids down the line. Since she is focused on her career, she’s not ready for kids but would like to have a family someday.
“I have had friends who have had fertility issues. One of my friends ended up doing IVF, multiple rounds. Their difficulties made me start to think about what that might look like for me,” Gerhart said.

Future Mom

Then she learned about the test, consisting of an ultrasound and bloodwork. It provides information about hormone levels and ovarian reserves.
Fertility tests that determine a man’s sperm count and motility are also available.
“If it’s something that, you know, a woman in her early thirties is thinking about, then I personally don’t know why you wouldn’t do it,” Gerhart said.

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