Five Benefits of Assistance Living


Assisted living center

So, you’ve been contemplating assistance living for a couple years now and you aren’t sure what to do. Maybe you’re worried about a slip and fall accident and being by yourself, or maybe your spouse has passed away and the house suddenly seems too large to handle. Whatever the case, senior housing options are plentiful and they have certainly stepped up their game in terms of what they offer.

Below are five major reasons to move into an assistance living community.

      Maintenance Free: No need to worry about keeping up with the yard work anymore. Instead, take a stroll through the gardens that are maintained by the friendly and supportive staff. In an assisted living center, you can opt for what level of care you need. Some people will have a condo where they can still do yard work if they so choose, while others take pleasure in a dorm-room type setting.
      Plenty of Activities: Assistance living facilities will most likely have various activities planned almost every day of the week; whether that be a movie night, a board game night, or a night out. They will also include fitness centers with specialized classes, a library or reading area, TV lounge, community center, beauty parlors, and plenty of outdoor activities.
      24/7 Care: There will always be assisted living providers on hand whenever you need someone. Keep in mind that each facility provides supervision or assistance with day-to-day living. They also work with outside health care providers and your primary doctor so they can monitor and help ensure your health, safety, and well-being.
      Great Grub: Many places offer kitchens in each apartment, but meals are also served regularly in a communal dining room. Don’t think of this as an elementary school cafeteria. Assisted living dining halls are no joke. When it comes to food, many places will have a rotating, seasonal menu with a few options to choose from.
      Social Time: Don’t think of assisted living homes as the end of your social life. Instead, this is exactly the opposite of what happens. One may find that old friends are in the same facility and are able to reconnect. Just like back in college, simple phone a friend or walk down the hall to see if anyone is up for heading to the dining hall.

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