Binge Watching Your Favorite TV Show Can Be Fatal, Study Finds


Modern Home Theater Room Interior with Flat Screen TVEven though there are 7.8 million workers in the U.S. construction industry who understand that their job is more dangerous than a typical office job, they may not be aware that many innocuous everyday objects and activities can be potentially dangerous to their health.

Take watching television, for example.

According to a Japanese study released earlier this month, it turns out that binge watching a favorite television show can lead to negative health effects.

Their findings were that sedentary behavior, the practice of sitting down and not moving for more than five hours per day, can be fatal due to the possibility of developing blood clots.

Scientists at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine followed 86,000 middle-aged participants over the course of 20 years, beginning in 1988.

The participants were organized into three groups, those who watched television for less than two and a half hours a day, those who watched between 2.5 and 4.9 hours a day, and those who watched five hours or more.

During the 20 years, 59 people died of pulmonary embolisms.

As reported in the journal Circulation, researchers found that those who watched television for more than five hours a day were 70% more likely to die of a blood clot than those who spent a significant time on their couch.

Watching television isn’t the only seemingly innocuous thing posing a threat to your health. Many other seemingly inoffensive objects can put you at risk, too.

For example, alarm clocks can increase your risk of obesity by interrupting your body’s natural circadian rhythms. Mowing your lawn exposes yourself to harmful pollution. Wearing a backpack leads to chronic back pain, and burning candles releases toxic fumes into the environment.

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