3 Radical Table Tennis Tips for Beginners


Table tennis might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sports, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun or challenging. There’s actually a lot of strategy involved! If you’re just getting into table tennis, the following three tips can help you master this sport.

Try a bigger ball

The size of the ball in table tennis can actually make a huge difference for the game. According to Real Buzz, recent changes to international rules have increased the size of table tennis balls from 38mm (1.5in) to 40mm (1.57in). This change was made in an effort to slow down the game. A bigger ball has more surface area, meaning it’s less aerodynamic. The slower the ball moves, the longer a game will last.

Experiment with different serves

Your serve is your first move against your opponent and can change the round in your favor. You can try things like a high, heavy backspin so your opponent cannot predict where the ball will go. When you get to a more advanced level, another cool trick is to stand 20 feet to the side of the table and nail the ball so that it arcs back to the table and opponent. There are many other serving techniques you can try so you can hone in on your signature move.

Practice, practice, practice

There is really no way to become a master table tennis player overnight. You need to practice to get better. Between every competitive match, you should practice. During your practice time, you should focus on your obvious weaknesses as well as develop your strengths to make them an overwhelming part of your table tennis game. You play the way your practice, so what you focus on is what will come out in your matches.

There are more than 10 million players that compete in sanctioned table tennis tournaments every year, and with these tips and tricks, you may just play your way to the championship of whatever tournament you decide to enroll in.

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