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Thursday 29 June 2017
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Category: Featured News

Lyme, Powassan On the Rise: What You Need To Know To Stay Safe This Summer

According to many experts, this summer may be the worst tick season to date. As temperatures start to heat up and the risks that go along...


Former Fairfield Steelworkers Reflect On Their Lost Jobs as Trump Administration Promises Good For The U.S. Steel Industry

Out of all of the steel used in North America every year, 69% of it is recycled. And as modern steel grows stronger, builders need to use...


H&M, Other Companies Make Greater Effort to Stop Fast Fashion

H&M and other iconic fast fashion companies are now welcoming recycling into their stores. Fast fashion depends primarily on...

Elder couple exercising in the park

Study: Regular Exercise Could Slow the Aging Process

New research from Brigham Young University in Utah has revealed that exercise can effectively slow the aging process. According to the...

Dog and Cat above white banner

Animals Are Lending a Paw to Enhance Meditative Experiences

Almost 18 million U.S. adults practice meditation, but there’s a new trend on the horizon: petitation. This movement is one where...


Brunchers Be Careful: Avocado Hand Can Threaten Your Good Time This Sunday

While it is generally recommended to consume at least two servings of fruit and two to two-and-a-half servings of vegetables every day, one...

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Robots Help Optometrists With Extremely Delicate Eye Surgery

Surgeons in the U.K. have completed a first in the world of optometry — operating inside the human eye via a robot. The surgery,...


Get Your Dairy On: After All, Scientists Say Its Okay

Cheese, whole milk, and ice cream — all are dairy products that have sometimes been shunned by dieters looking to maintain a healthy...

woman performing push-ups

Study: Swearing During Exercise Could Boost Stamina and Strength

Researchers from Keele University, U.K. revealed through two experiments that swearing during physical activity could actually make you...

Pass the Cheese, Please: New Study Finds Eating Aged Fromage Can Extend Your Life

If you throw a fancy dinner party, you’ll probably end up using the four main types of tableware, which include serveware,...