Three Reasons Why Some Women Don’t Have Their Fibroids Treated


Symptoms of fibroids in uterus

Believe it or not, many women often never have to worry about getting uterine fibroid treatments, even though they may have these common tumors. Here’s why.

They’re Asymptomatic.

One of the main reasons why many women never have to think about getting fibroid treatments is because they never experience any of the signs and symptoms of fibroids. Their tumors are asymptomatic. Even though their uteri may have a few fibroids, the tumors may never develop in a place or to a size that are problematic. In other words, some women’s lives are the same after fibroids as they were before them.

They’re Not That Bad.

Another reason why some women never have to worry about getting surgery is because their symptoms of fibroid cysts aren’t all that bad. Even if fibroid do cause issues, there are medicinal fibroid treatments that can help women deal with these problems. For example, if the fibroids cause abnormal amounts of menstrual bleeding, doctors can put the women on certain birth control medicines to help regulate their cycle and staunch the bleeding. If their fibroids are causing them mild pain, they can take ibuprofin and other over the counter pain killers to help when things become a bit much.

They’ll Go Away With Menopause.

Although it’s possible that the woman who have fibroids, but don’t have problems yet, can develop more serious issues, many woman don’t worry about taking proactive measures, because they know the problem will eventually end with menopause. In other words, some women simply wait out their fibroids rather than get fibroid treatments.

All this being said, there many women who do in fact need fibroid treatments, or suffer a severe decline in the quality of their lives. If you have any questions about the different uterine fibroids treatment options out there, feel free to share in the comments.

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