Surprising Health Benefits That Come With Growing a Beard


Afro-american bearded man in sunglassesFor many men, having a beard is just a normal, everyday part of life. Many men don’t think much about their beard until it comes to shaving and trimming, considering that a man’s beard grows only 5.5 inches per year, on average.

But what many men don’t know is that having a beard can actually bring them a host of health benefits. So put down the razor, and consider these interesting benefits as to why any man should grow a beard.

A beard can protect against the sun’s rays

While it is important to put sunscreen on when you spend prolonged periods of time outside, having a beard can actually help protect a man’s face and neck simply because it doesn’t allow the skin to burn. According to researchers at the University of Southern Queensland, dense beards can help to mitigate sun exposure up to 95% on the face and neck.

It can help to fight infection

Shaving can cause small, microscopic nicks in the skin that can make it easy for bacteria to enter and live in the skin. And while a clean-shaven face may feel cleaner than a beard, having a beard can prevent these small tears in your skin and fight infection from happening altogether.

A beard can ward off throat and respiratory infections
Much like fighting infection on the skin itself, having a beard can help to keep bacteria out of the throat and mouth! Just like the hair that grows in a person’s nose is meant to guard the lungs against bacteria, the hair around a man’s mouth can keep germs and airborne bacteria away quite easily.

It helps promote clear skin

Acne is exacerbated by shaving because the razor can easily move bacteria around the face. But growing hair instead not only promotes clean skin, as there is no room for bacteria to grow, but it will also prevent ingrown hairs. For bearded men everywhere, their facial hair serves as an additional layer of protection.

So the next time you’re getting ready to shave, consider these health benefits and put that razor down!

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