Low T What It Is and What You Can Do About It


What testing do i need to see if im a low t thera

Though testosterone levels in men tend to gradually decrease starting by age 30, testosterone deficiency (otherwise known as low testosterone or “low T”) is nothing to scoff at. Medical researchers predict that by 2025, the number of American men between the ages of 30 and 79 with low testosterone will rise to 6.5 million. That is 38% higher than the number of men with the illness in 2000. Sadly, it is thought that 90% of men with low T will not seek treatment. It might have something to do with the mistake many low t patients make: that the symptoms they’re experiencing are just part of getting older.

The symptoms can be deceptive. Testosterone deficiency symptoms include increased body fat, reduced muscle mass, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, lowered libido, and depression. Some researchers even suggest that low T can reduce life expectancy. Leaving the illness untreated can have serious consequences.

Fortunately, however, low T is perfectly treatable. A recent medical treatment, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), has proven to be wildly successful. What is TRT? The therapy involves administering synthetic testosterone to low T patients. The testosterone is administered over a period of time and is received by the body through a number of ways, including injections, gels, pills, and even small pellets embedded under the skin.

Anyone who suffers from low T will tell you just how debilitating it can be when left untreated. The chronic fatigue many patients feel alone can put a serious dent in one’s quality of living. As body fat increases, muscle mass decreases, and the number of nights of poor sleep increases, the body gradually becomes less and less fit to do basic tasks without some kind of aggravation.

That is why testosterone replacement therapy is more than a luxury. For low T patients, it is a necessity. For more information, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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