Gluten Free Power Breakfast Is ‘Like Oatmeal, But Better’


Today, there are 3.1 million Americans who follow a gluten-free diet. Of those 3.1 million, however, roughly 72% are classified as people without celiac disease yet still avoiding gluten (PWAGs). Whether an individual needs to avoid gluten because of health issues or not, the popularity of this new diet is changing the way foods are being consumed and products are being sold.

According to Packaging Digest, gluten-free breakfast options are now available in paper pouch-bowls that accommodate the on-the-go dieter.

A Dinova survey shows that 64% of American corporations include gluten-free options at their corporate events, but not as many offices have food accommodations throughout the regular workweek. That’s where this new convenient gluten-free portable food option comes in.

Gluten Free Bar (GFB), from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has developed its on-the-go healthy snack products in hopes of strengthening their brand. The new protein-packed breakfast is labeled as: “like oatmeal, but better.”

“We are stepping outside of the box with this packaging and we think this brings some sorely needed innovation to the oatmeal category,” said Elliott Rader, a partner and co-founder of GFB. “We wanted to provide our consumers with a healthy breakfast option without compromising on taste or convenience. Power Breakfast is easy to make at the office, at home or out in the wilderness while camping. We like to say Power Breakfast is like oatmeal… but better… better ingredients, better taste, all in a portable and convenient package.”

The GFB Power Breakfast is available in five varieties: coconut cashew, fruits, nuts, and seeds, peanut butter and jelly, maple rain, and apple cinnamon. All breakfast bags will be available at nationwide health food stores and go for $2.49 per 2-ounce package.

Each pouch-bowl features high-protein oatmeal with no added sugar and can be easily carried around for convenient consumption. Also, the pouch can pop open to act as a microwavable bowl at any time by removing the top.

For the 58 million people who go to a gym or health club, this is the perfect on-the-go protein power-up!

GFB has been providing fun and flavorful gluten-free snacks across the U.S. and Europe since 2010.

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