Fitness Companies Using New Data to Change Advertising Strategies


New data shows that fitness advertisers have more ways to reach potential consumers. According to, creating “buyer personas” is a much more cost effective strategy for advertisers than just putting a message out to the masses and hoping a specific target market responds.

The buyer personas show what exactly your ideal consumer takes into account when looking to make a purchasing decision, which in this case is joining a fitness program or gym.

Rather than having one large group of people that businesses could target, breaking them down into specific target segments of people, the better a business will be able to advertise. The Journal of Sport Management reports that the customer lifetime value (CLV) is affected by repurchases and overall intention to do so. The intention potential gym-goers have is often impacted by consistent brand advertising campaigns, overall commitment and customer service.

“I use marketing automation software to segment my list and trigger auto responders and email campaigns,” said Roz Harris, owner of Fit Chicks. “I’m starting a 12-week nurturing campaign to massage old leads and former clients and expect to see two to five new clients walk in ready to enroll. All because I am able to send the right message to them at the right time.” By gathering as much data as possible, defining a brand’s ideal buyer, and executing a successful advertising campaign, fitness programs across the country will be able to reach their target demographics better than ever before.

Aerial advertising, for instance, could specifically target beach-goers — who are often fitness-minded as well — by flying ads over the beach. Some beaches, like those in New Jersey, even have more than one million visitors a day.

Fitness organizations that gather information, such as how clients are finding out about them or their buying preferences and patterns, age, ethnicity, and other important data, should continue to succeed while some fitness programs that base their advertising solely on word-of-mouth strategies could struggle.

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