Core Strength Physical Therapy for the Spine


When it comes to your health, one of the things that you can never have fail on you is your spine. The thing about your spine is that in a way, it holds everything together. It is the center of what allows you to walk and function. Without correct spinal alignment, you may find that the little things you do will become much harder. This is why it’s good to see a back and spine specialist even if you don’t currently have back issues.

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Spine physical therapy services help to reinforce you as you recover, but before you get to that step, there are exercises you can do at home that will help you stay away from needing a top physical therapist. Instead of looking at pain management, look at pain prevention and think of how you can be proactive in stopping your body from feeling its age. One exercise you can do is hip raises, This targets the whole entire spine and is simple to do. Exercises that also help are anything involving suspension, such as planks.

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