Adidas Partners With Tech Firm to Create Kiddie Fitness Tracking Devices


Children need to stay active — especially American children, for whom the looming obesity crisis poses a very real threat. Experts recommend that children participate in muscle training and bone strengthening activities at least three times a week, including activities like jump roping and gymnastics.

Public and private agencies have worked hard to encourage fitness at an early age, and now tech companies have joined the fold.

Adidas has partnered with Interactive Health Technologies, a company that offers a health tracking system designed for grade school physical education, to launch Zone, an activity and heart rate tracking device.

Worn on the wrist, Zone monitors a student’s heart rate throughout the day, displaying it on the device’s screen. The data is also sent to IHT’s system, called the IHT Spirit System.

Physical education teachers are then able to view students’ activity and heart rates in order to figure out which kids need extra attention. The system also includes curriculum and assessment management.

“In working with IHT, we found a partner that shared our vision of inspiring the next generation to lead healthy lives by making sport and fitness a life-long pursuit,” said Adidas VP and General Manager of Digital Sports Stacey Burr. “We’re firm believers that healthy habits are easier to keep the earlier you start, so introducing tools and resources at the school-level offered the perfect place to lay such an important foundation.”

The devices come at a hefty price, at $139 each (that’s nearly $4,000 for a case of 28). Schools can start pre-ordering the device now, but it won’t be available as a part of the program until August or September.

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